Navigating life while living with a spinal cord injury is complicated. These resources may help you find the right path.

Finding a Home

Limited mobility means you will need accommodations in your home in order to live as independently as possible. However, this can often be expensive and complicated, depending on the nature of your disability. Use the page at the link below to learn more about finding or creating a home that meets your needs.

Finding Work

Finding work after an injury or with a disability can be challenging enough as it is, but navigating government and other assistance programs can be just as taxing. We have collected a number of resources to help people with disabilities find work in their communities. Use this page to research employment resources in your area.

Staying Active

Regardless of physical ability, staying active is the key to not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind. The page below lists a number of programs and facilities where you can participate in adaptive sports and other physical activities in the DC metro area.

Getting Around

Though its great to have an accessible home, your disability doesn’t mean you have to stay there all day. Learn more about accessible transportation in and around the DC Metro area at the page below.

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