Becoming a member is easy, and includes a free subscription to New Mobility magazine. When you sign up on the United Spinal website and choose our chapter, your information is shared with us automatically and you will be added to our mailing list. You can still sign up for our newsletter below if you are not a member.

United Spinal DC is 100% volunteer supported, and we are always looking for volunteers at events or on one of our committees. Read more about them below and contact us to volunteer.


This committee finds new avenues to advocate for the chapter and on a diverse array of issues affecting our members. We also participate in advocacy events in community programs as well as for the national United Spinal organization.


This committee contribute to getting publications and other info to our members. We also maintain United Spinal DC’s presence on social media. 

Community Outreach

This committee is in charge of increasing community member engagement, as well as strengthening and finding support from community programs and organizations.


This committee implements strategies for funds development and works very closely with the events committee for ideas and ways to raise funds.

Special Events

This committee is in charge of planning and organizing events for the chapter and member engagement. These can be for fundraising or networking and education purposes.

Executive Board

Leadership of our chapter is entrusted to a dedicated executive team with a depth of experience on a wide range of issues. Learn more about them here.

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